SPGE Automatic Polishing Machine With Resin Grinding Disc

Nov, 2019

1.This machine surface for granie tiles, equipped with the resin disc special elastic polishing heads, polishing with more comprehensive, more efficient, lower abrasive wearing.
2.Using PLC system and liquid crystal display screen menu offer intelligent control.
3.Easy to operate, the working pressure, the beam travel speed and the belt advance speed can be adjusted according to the materials and the finishing gloss.
4.Establishing Auto-dodging function and shape-memory function, equiped with an advice to prevent the grinding hand from mistakenly hitting the belt, having  high automation operation and low labor the strength.
5.Usng the most advanced and high-quality construction, rational structure, high stability and efficiency, and energy saving operation.
6.Using central automatic lubrication system, so that all moving parts and bearings can get a good lubricating effect and longer life.
7.The power movement of polishing heads uses the narrow V belt with teeth set, to improved slabs flatness, reduced movement consumption and enhances the longer service life.

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